Maan BioBased Products is one of the divisions within the family firm Maan Group. The Group has been operating worldwide for 20 years already, developing technical innovations in the field of adhesive technology. In 2015, Maan BioBased Products was founded by André Jansen. This company has access to all the technical know-how, innovative power and experience in worldwide industries that the Group possesses. And that means Maan BioBased Products is an innovative specialist in the agrarian sector.
In 2010, André Jansen begins developing a biodegradable plug, based on a request from a contact in the agricultural sector. As an innovator from a young age, he comes up with a revolutionary concept: the Growcoon. A plant plug, based on Maan Group's existing adhesive technology. It takes a full five years to optimise the concept. During that time, the focus is on aspects like reproducibility, quality and raw materials. In 2015, the decision is made to bring further development, production and distribution under the wing of a new division: Maan BioBased Products.
In-house production and test facilities
From 2015, the development and production of the Growcoon were concentrated in Maan Group's commercial unit on the industrial estate De Zegge, in Raalte. At the beginning of 2017, the realisation of the new production location commenced on the same site. Because sustainability is a key theme at Maan BioBased Products, the new location is constructed to be energy neutral. It was also constructed to allow for further expansion of production capacity, for in-house production of raw materials and to hold a stock of standard sizes.
Over the course of 2017, the construction of a test location in Raalte was also initiated. Here the Growcoon can be tested using different cultivation systems, such as glasshouses, open ground and hydroponics (cultivation on water).