The brand name "Growcoon"

The brand name Growcoon is compiled from the words ‘grow’ and ‘cocoon’.
When developing the Growcoon, the requirements of the plant were the key focus. The basic principle is that each plant can develop its hair roots in a 100% natural way. And the Growcoon takes care of that: not only with its open net structure that allows free root growth, but also due to the use of any type of loosely filled substrate. The result is a perfect micro-climate in the Growcoon.
Protecting the optimum root ball
It's no accident that growers use root plugs to propagate crops. The ball in which the plant develops is the ‘epicentre’ of growth. This is where the quality of the plant is determined. Which is why that area must have optimal protection, so that the root and root ball are not damaged. Compare this with the development of a butterfly. The caterpillar grows, then withdraws into its cocoon – a safe setting to undergo the transition into a wonderful butterfly. What the cocoon means to the caterpillar, the Growcoon means to the plant.
This natural growth is the basis for the stable, rapid further development of the plant, supported by a biodegradable plug. Which is why we have chosen a name that closely reflects the key properties of the product: growing in a bespoke ‘cocoon’. Growcoon!