Why a Growcoon?

The Growcoon enables you to supply crops faster, ensure more uniform growth, limit wastage, and make the production process more efficient. All consequences of one and the same fact: the plant's requirements are central with the Growcoon.
In addition to the compact bundling of the root ball – the primary function of a growth- and seedplug – the Growcoon creates a 100% natural soil. In contrast to alternative products, nothing stands in the way of the growth of the root ball. In short, the Growcoon is the ideal product for every grower who also puts the plant front and centre, yet runs an efficient production process.
Unique product properties
The ‘secret’ of the Growcoon is its unique wall. This is made up of a 100% biodegradable web with an open net structure. The net structure not only ensures binding of the root ball, but also provides a structure, so that the plant's roots can continue to grow uninhibited.
What's more, the Growcoon has a unique fit. The Growcoon seals the upper edge of the tray hole to prevent substrate from drying out. At the same time, a small space is created at the bottom for an oxygen buffer. This oxygen buffer gives the hair roots all the space they need to develop. The base of the Growcoon makes the plug perfectly suited to automated processes. Thanks to the smart concept of the base, the Growcoon is easy to press out from underneath. Additional benefit: substrate falling through the bottom is a thing of the past.
Loosely filled substrate
The Growcoon is packed and delivered in stacks. You then place the plug in the tray and fill it with substrate. You can use your own mix of substrate: the perfect match with the plant you want to grow. Furthermore, the substrate remains loose in the Growcoon. And that is a precondition for optimal oxygen and moisture balance. In many other plant plugs, the substrate is compacted, which disrupts the micro-climate. But in the Growcoon, your crop enjoys the ideal conditions for rooting.
What is the advantage of the Growcoon?
In practice, you will enjoy the benefits of the unique product composition.
  • Crops grow more uniform and can be delivered weeks earlier
  • Because the Growcoon effectively binds the root ball and doesn't damage the roots, wastage and pollution during handling are reduced. And that's more efficient
  • You can fill the Growcoon with the substrate of your choice to optimise the micro-climate
  • Loosely filled substrate makes it easier for your personnel to plant shoots
  • With 10 different sizes, there is always a Growcoon that fits your cultivation process
  • Automation is possible with the Growcoon dispenser
  • Optimising your sustainability policy: the material decomposes in nature and does not leave any (adhesive) residues, so you can reuse your soil
  • The Growcoon does not absorb water and is perfectly suited to use in hydroponic systems (cultivation in water)
In large-scale (glasshouse) horticulture, automation is essential. That's why we've looked closely at the applicability of the Growcoon in automated production processes. To ensure the product can be deployed effectively, large volumes of products are unstacked and deployed in a short time. The automatic Growcoon dispenser makes this process possible in an efficient way. You can easily integrate the dispenser in an existing filling or potting-up line. Many growers have now gained experience with the user-friendly dispenser.
10 standard sizes
The standard range of the Growcoon comprises 10 standardised sizes. This comprehensive product range can be used widely in dozens of plant trays available in the market. Do you have a specific application in mind? It's good to know that the dimensions of the standard Growcoon can be modified. It is also possible to produce the Growcoon specifically to a customer's wishes.