Faster transplanting, fewer losses

Zelfs als de wortelkluit nog niet volledig ontwikkeld is, kan jij overplanten. Hierdoor kan jij jouw gewas veilig en vrij van stress transplanten en blijft de wortelkluit beschermd.

Sneller overplanten
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Faster transplanting, fewer losses

Even before the root ball is fully developed, you can transplant crops, as the Growcoon is specially designed to bind a root ball in the first stage of growth. This means you can transplant your crop safely and without worries, secure in the knowledge that the root ball is protected.



Cuttings are also easy to pick up mechanically with the Growcoon, without the root ball falling apart and dirt ending up in the machine. That makes it a great solution for your automated planting and transplanting processes.

If you’d like to find out more about the opportunities for your organisation, please contact us and we’ll let you know!

100% biodegradable
Natural microclimate
Unique fit
Choose your own substrate
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BioTech Growth

At Growcoon, we work alongside nature

In the Netherlands, we try to produce a lot in a very small area. That doesn’t happen automatically, so we have to innovate to do this sustainably. It’s something we’ve become skilled in. Growcoon is a striking example: nature and technology successfully combined in a single product. BioTech Growth

BioTech Growth 

Exclusive sales partner


It’s impossible to get a result without a good substrate, which is why Growcoon and Klasmann-Deilmann have joined forces. Klasmann-Deilmann is the market leader in substrates, so its experts know exactly what your crop needs. They work with you to maximise yields from your cultivation. When you decide to switch to the Growcoon, they can help you on your way.

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If you’d like to find out what the Growcoon can do for you, request a free trial kit. Together, we’ll determine which Growcoon is best for your system. We’re happy to help.

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