Let your ornamental crops flourish

Rising production costs... As an ornamental grower, you can't escape them. But you don't want to pass everything on to your customer. How do you (partially) tackle the increase in rates?

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The goal of the Growcoon? Faster, safer and more sustainable growing. The smart plug creates the ideal conditions for plant roots to grow. Whether you are cutting or sowing, Growcoon ensures an optimal start.

  • Optimal plant growth = shorter production time
  • Determine the substrate density yourself
  • Sustainable growing solution

The ideal growing environment saves time

The slightly conical shape creates an air buffer between the wall of the traycells and the Growcoon. And this is where success is achieved. This space creates an optimum microclimate. As a result, the plant roots develop at a rapid pace, resulting in a shorter growth cycle. A shorter time in your greenhouse, which in turn ensures lower production costs per plant!

An additional advantage: with the Growcoon you grow a more resilient, stronger and healthier crop. So your ornamentals are more resistant to outside influences and you need fewer pesticides! Also saves you money and is more sustainable...

Choose your own substrate

You choose which substrate you fill the Growcoon with. Not only the type, but also the filling method and density. Klasmann-Deilmann's substrate experts will be happy to help you make the right choice.

By the way, did we mention that the Growcoon is fully biodegradable? That means zero waste and thus a minimal ecological footprint.

Exclusive sales partner


It’s impossible to get a result without a good substrate, which is why Growcoon and Klasmann-Deilmann have joined forces. Klasmann-Deilmann is the market leader in substrates, so its experts know exactly what your crop needs. They work with you to maximise yields from your cultivation. When you decide to switch to the Growcoon, they can help you on your way.

Request a free trial kit now

If you’d like to find out what the Growcoon can do for you, request a free trial kit. Together, we’ll determine which Growcoon is best for your system. We’re happy to help.