Growcoon for soft fruit: a 'berry good idea!

As a grower of soft fruit starting material, you want to grow the strongest and healthiest crop possible. Growcoon ensures the perfect start, allowing you to deliver; and your customer to harvest earlier. Win-win!


As a grower of soft fruit propagating material, you naturally want to supply your customer with the strongest and healthiest crop possible. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and berries that are resilient and develop fruit quickly. Growcoon gives your crop a kick start, allowing you to deliver and your client to harvest earlier. Win-win!

  • Optimal microclimate ensures good root development
  • Easy to automate
  • Suitable for organic cultivation

A kick start for young roots

The Growcoon's clever conical shape creates an air buffer between the root ball and the wall of the tray cell. This gives plant roots more air and plenty of room to grow. And they do not adhere to the tray, so the roots are not damaged during transplanting. Nothing gets in the way of root development. The result: a homogeneous crop and strong soft-fruit plants that are more resistant to harmful external influences.

Growcoon in organic cultivation

The Growcoon can be used in organic cultivation in several countries. Because the Growcoon consists of biodegradable polymers, nothing is left over (apart from water and CO2). Zero waste, in other words. Growcoon holds the European, French, Italian, Swiss and German FiBL certificate and has also been on the Dutch SKAL input list for years. Growcoon also holds the OK Soil and OK Compost biodegradability certificates. So at least you can be sure you can use Growcoon in your organic cultivation with confidence.

schoon en efficient

Automation = savings

Are your labour costs also rising due to inflation? For many growers, labour is a concern. Now, but also in the coming years, this does not seem to be changing. How's that for you? Save on labour costs by investing in automation. For many growers, this is the way to scale up smoothly and reduce labour costs. Growcoon makes automation possible. For instance, the Growcoon Dispenser automatically places your Growcoons in the tray. Moreover, a Growcoon makes automated transplanting of cuttings much easier. Interested? Read more here...