Growcoon for leafy vegetables. Give your roots freedom!

Do you grow leafy vegetables? Then you want to grow the most uniform crop possible, with the highest possible fresh weight. Growcoon can help you do just that.


Thanks to the open net structure, the plant roots find their way out easily. This gives the plant plenty of room to quickly form a solid root ball. This will speed up your cultivation and you can count on a uniform crop and less wastage. Moreover, you can safely deliver leafy vegetables with a root ball. Freshness guaranteed.

  • Beautiful root development
  • Up to 75% less substrate usage in hydroponics
  • No toxic residues
Perfect microklimaat

Growcoon for Hydroponics: it pays off

Growing herbs and leafy vegetables on water is the future. And we understand that, because growing on hydroponics offers many advantages. Year-round production is 20 times higher than in soil!

This is why we developed the Growcoon for Hydroponics. Thanks to the closed bottom of this clever plug, the water stays free of loose particles and your filters stay clean. You can also use up to 75% less substrate because the Growcoon largely takes over the root ball binding function. So you save on raw materials. Growcoon fits in perfectly with both Deep Flow Technique (DFT) and NFT Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems.

No toxic residues, zero waste

We all want to enjoy a healthy and tasty product. Therefore, it is important that no toxic residues end up in the crop. With Growcoon, you can be sure that no residues are left behind. Not in the crop and not in the system. So you can grow a sustainable and healthy crop with certainty.

Request your free trial package now and discover the advantages of Growcoon when growing leafy vegetables.