Growcoons in hydroponics: cultivating crops faster and more uniformly

Hydroponics – cultivation in water – has become much more popular recently, especially for cultivating vegetables. And here too, the innovative Growcoon offers growers many benefits in terms of their cultivation techniques. For this reason, various tests are being carried out with Growcoons in these water systems. In short, the Growcoon results in a more efficient cultivation process and more uniform crops.

What is hydroponics?
More and more horticultural segments are switching to cultivation on water. The water below the plants acts as the growth medium. Whereas primarily vegetables were grown on water in the past, there is now greater interest from growers of cut flowers, fruit and even perennials.
The benefits of hydroponics
  • Hydroponics allows you to cultivate more plants per square meter
  • Within the closed system, the combination of artificial light and heat means growing conditions are optimised and risks minimised
  • Within vertical farming systems, hydroponics means food is produced locally and in all conditions
No pollution and an efficient process  
The Growcoon binds the root ball together. Water growers that use Growcoons see that the root ball maintains its integrity in the system and that the substrate is not lost in the water. And thus the system remains clean. The adhesive action on the root ball means shoots can also be planted out automatically from plant trays into the duct system days earlier, without damaging the root ball or contaminating the process.

Greater water absorption
The Growcoon has an open net structure and can be filled with loose substrate. Growers have discovered that as a result of this combination plants in the Growcoon absorb significantly more water. Combined with the root ball remaining intact, this results in a sharp increase in crop uniformity and faster growth.