IPM 2019: Growcoon with product-specific dispenser and organic approval

The Growcoon is finding a continuously expanding customer base in various horticultural segments worldwide. This propagation system is proving especially effective in the rooting of cuttings, in the growing-on of young plants from in vitro systems, and in the use of hydroponic cultivation. The main benefits of using Growcoon for propagating young plants are shorter growing cycles, robust plant health, greater root ball stability and – especially with delicate seedlings – lower failure rates.
Many different standard and special sizes are available, as are trays for use with these sizes, which means the Growcoon can be used in all established propagation systems and with different trays. A dispenser specially designed for the Growcoon is now sold by Dutch company Flier Systems. The dispenser is located upstream from the tray-filling machine and automatically places the Growcoons in trays. Alternatively, this can still be done manually.
Growcoon is a biodegradable plug with a flexible, open structure. When used in propagation systems, it holds the propagation substrate together and, in this combination, forms a stable root ball. It is made of food-safe components and features the OK COMPOST label certifying it to the EN 13432 standard. This means, for example, that the Growcoon does not entail any pollution risk with respect to farmland, people or the environment, and leaves no harmful residues.
The Growcoon was recently included in the ‘Dutch input list’ maintained by Netherlands-based organic control body Skal. This lists products approved for use in organic agriculture in the Netherlands. The Growcoon thus also complies with the European organic-farming regulation.
Growcoon is produced by Dutch company Maan BioBased Products B.V. The Klasmann-Deilmann Group holds the global distribution rights to this product.