Klasmann-Deilmann is international partner for the Growcoon

The Growcoon is now available exclusively from Maan BioBased Products and Klasmann-Deilmann. This is the result of a collaboration that both parties entered officially on Thursday 17 November. The Growcoon is an innovative biodegradable root plug for the horticulture sector, developed and produced by Maan BioBased Products. Both parties supply exclusively to the entire horticultural sector. Klasmann-Deilmann focuses not only on the Dutch market with the Growcoon, but also operates on the international market. One major agreement within the collaboration is that the Growcoon can be sold in combination with any required substrate.
Powerful cooperation
Both parties were very much convinced that collaboration was the way to go. “The Dutch market has confirmed for us over this last year that the Growcoon is a pioneering, future-oriented and successful product for the horticulture sector. To draw attention to this product specifically to growers in the Netherlands and Europe, we wanted to work together with an established internationally operating party within the horticultural sector. One key precondition was that the image of the partner had to reflect the image of the Growcoon. We are delighted that we found this party in Klasmann-Deilmann", says Bart Oude Wesselink, Managing Director Maan BioBased Products. The internationally operating substrate supplier does not currently have any root plugs in its range, and sees in the Growcoon a strong product for the future. Ted Vollebregt (Managing Director Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux) "International horticulture is changing rapidly. Klasmann-Deilmann plays a key role in the sector, which is why it focuses so closely on sustainable innovation. We see the Growcoon as a product that will change the horticultural sector structurally. Due to the close connection between substrate and the Growcoon, we are really delighted that we may market this product together with Maan BioBased Products."
The Growcoon is a biodegradable root plug for the horticulture sector. The disintegration period of a Growcoon is on average around twelve months, depending on environmental factors, such as bacterial action, humidity and acidity of the substrate. The active soil life in open ground cultivation, for example, results in an accelerated disintegration process. By applying innovative production techniques, the Growcoon fits in commonly used trays used in horticulture. The Growcoon can be placed in the tray using an automated system and then filled by the grower with his own substrate. Combined with loosely filled substrate and an open net structure, the perfect fit of the Growcoon is the ideal basis for optimal and rapid plant growth.
Maan BioBased Products
Maan BioBased Products from Raalte is a division of Maan Group. With 20 years of experience in adhesive technology, the company has spent the last few years developing the biodegradable root plug. Maan BioBased Products produces the Growcoon and aims to make the horticultural industry more effective with innovative products and services.
Klasmann-Deilmann is a worldwide market leader in the international substrate industry. With production units at various locations, Klasmann-Deilmann offers the foundation for success to professional growers the world over.
The organisation has a thorough knowledge of substrates, and partly due to optimisation of the logistics processes and geographic distribution of the sources, is able to supply a high and consistent quality all year round. Furthermore, Klasmann-Deilmann also has its own peat farms in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and Latvia. In terms of sustainability, the peat farms are returned after peat production to their natural state, turning the peat farms into conservation areas. With continual high-quality raw materials in-house, including a growing share of alternative raw materials, Klasmann-Deilmann is also able to provide its customers with the required products over the longer term.
Contact details
Contact person: Rob van der Meer (Product Manager)
Email address: r.vandermeer@maanbiobased.nl
Telephone number: +31 (0)6 1279 6150
Website www.growcoon.com
Maan BioBased Products B.V.
Address details: Klipperweg 16, 8102 HR Raalte
Contact person: Bart Oude Wesselink (Managing Director)
Email address: b.oudewesselink@maangroup.nl
Telephone number: +31 (0)572 358 085
Website www.maanbiobased.nl
Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux B.V.
Address details: Nieuwe Waterwegstraat 34, 3115 HE Schiedam
Contact person: Ted Vollebregt (Managing Director)
Email address: ted.vollebregt@klasmann-deilmann.com
Telephone number: +31 (0)10 851 1140
Website www.klasmann-deilmann.com