De Kruidenaer

De Kruidenaer is an important reference for the Growcoon. It is the first company to apply it on a large scale in hydroponic horticulture. De Kruidenaer is a leading herb grower from Etten-Leur. The company sets itself apart by cultivating in water. The company considers the key benefits of the Growcoon to be uniform growth and effective moisture balance.
"The Growcoon ensures outstanding root penetration and moisture balance and is therefore a key part of our system." - Richard Smits | Manager
About De Kruidenaer
In the fertile area of West-Brabant, on the border between sandy and clay soils, De Kruidenaer in Etten-Leur has access to some 20 hectares of ground where it cultivates herbs both in glasshouses and in open ground. All with the use of modern cultivation techniques. De Kruidenaer is constantly working to improve the growing conditions and techniques, with sustainability one of the key pillars. In the glasshouses, De Kruidenaer grows mint and basil (normal green basil, red basil, Thai basil). In the open ground, other herbs include chives, dill, rosemary, coriander and parsley. The benefit of cultivating in-house is that the plants are produced from seed or shoot to packed final product, so the company is aware of what is happening to the herbs through the entire production process.
The main benefit for De Kruidenaer is that the Growcoon ensures a compact root ball, even if it is small in size.