Gebr. Alkemade BV

Gebr. Alkemade in Lisse was one of the first Dutch growers to opt for the automatic Growcoon dispenser. The family firm cultivates perennials in the Growcoon 104M-H44. Uniform growth, higher plant quality and the sustainable character are the key benefits for Gebr. Alkemade.
""The Growcoon means we can deliver shoots to our customers quickly and easily. And that saves us a huge amount of time."" - Theo Alkemade | Owner of Gebr. Alkemade
About Gebr. Alkemade
The company, founded in 1990, has been located on the Rooversbroekdijk in Lisse since 2015. Over the years, it has been subject to a number of takeovers. But Gebr. Alkemade now produces 20 million perennial shoots annually. These find their way to European landscapers, wholesalers, growers and garden centres.
The greatest benefit for Gebr. Alkemade is that the Growcoon ensures the shoots can be delivered to the customer quickly and easily. And that saves a huge amount of time.


Market developments
A strong range with visually appealing products that are grown in an eco-friendly manner, and supported by an excellent service: these are the prime trends within the market for perennials. Gebr. Alkemade capitalises on this by delivering 100% good trays. The customer is then always assured of the agreed quality. To provide a 100% guarantee, the Growcoon is essential in the propagation process. What's more, the company aims to use the Growcoon to capitalise on the increasingly popular demand for environmentally friendly cultivation.
The Growcoon
The results of an initial test were so good that in late 2016 it was decided to switch to Growcoons. Gebr. Alkemade wanted easier handling and to reduce wastage levels in production. Another benefit of this is that Gebr. Alkemade can now plant shoots more easily. The plug is automatically placed in the tray using the Growcoon dispenser. This generates major efficiency benefits in terms of logistics, thanks to the constant quality of the Growcoon.
But what exactly does it deliver in concrete terms?
‘Our filled shoot trays are delivered 100% good’, says founder Theo Alkemade. ‘We check all shoots, one by one. If a shoot has only partially taken root, or not at all, then we replace it. In the past, removal sometimes resulted in the root ball disintegrating. And that meant we could no longer use the shoot. With the Growcoon this is no longer the case, so we now have less wastage.’
But there's another benefit, observes Theo. ‘The plug is removed from the tray much more easily. Whereas in the past plugs had to be pressed out by machine due to stubborn roots, we can now deliver quicker and easier.’ But the benefit of the cultivation technique of substrate selection is also a major plus. ‘We were always busy trying to maintain the integrity of the root ball. And we adjusted our shoot medium to this. But with the Growcoon, we can once again put together our own shoot soil. This results in more uniform and faster growth.’
The future
Theo Alkemade: ‘Automated handling of the Growcoon was a prerequisite for us. Because we were one of the first automated clients, we initially experienced some difficulties, but Maan now has tight grip on quality. By taking steps in terms of quality and price, I expect the plug to remain a key part of our systems.’