Raadschelders Varens

‘With ferns you want to be able to fill the substrate very loosely because of their thin hair roots. With a lot of other plugs, the small hair roots are difficult to penetrate the compact substrate. The Growcoon provides its own support, so we have the option of filling the substrate loosely and our fern takes root easily. Thanks to the Growcoon, we can speed up the production process by one week in the summer and even two weeks in the winter.’
"‘When we started testing the Growcoon, we immediately saw an visual difference." - Jan Raadschelders
‘The Growcoon is very thin, which suits our ferns. When the Growcoon Dispenser is operated properly, you can fill a tray three to four times faster than by hand. It depends on who is operating the machine, but luckily you can let any employee use the Growcoon Manual Dispenser. It’s easy to operate.’

About the Growcoon Manual Dispenser
With the Growcoon dispenser you can work quickly and easily. You place a stack of Growcoons on the dispenser that automatically destacks it and places it in the tray. For each action, the dispenser places a full row of Growcoons in the tray. The number of holes per row determines the speed of the dispenser. This is between 3,000 and 5,000 Growcoons per hour.

About the Growcoon
The Growcoon enables you to supply crops faster, ensure more uniform growth, limit wastage, and make
the production process more efficient. All consequences are one and the same: the plant’s requirements are central to the Growcoon. In addition to the compact bundling of the root ball – (the primary function of a propagation plug) – the Growcoon creates a 100% natural environment for root development. In contrast to alternative products, nothing stands in the way of the growth of the root ball. In short, the Growcoon is the ideal product for every grower who also puts the plant first, but within an efficient production process. Not only did we see a difference in growth, but also less wastage. With the plugs we
used before, the substrate was filled too tightly: the root then finds its way down difficult. That’s not the case with the Growcoon.’

About Raadschelders Varens
Raadschelders Varens is specialized in growing different types of ferns. With over 10 different ferns they supply throughout Europe. Raadschelders Varens is praised for its high quality and even won the Royal FloraHolland Glass Tulip Award for the Phlebodium aureum ‘Davana’ in 2020.