Rötjes Young Plants

Rötjes Young Plants is one of the first growers who started using the Growcoon in its cultivation systems. It is a leading tree nursery from Limburg that is well known for its pioneering methods. Particularly the high quality of the ornamental shrubs, groundcover shrubs and roses for which Rötjes Young Plants produces the raw material, is well known across the world. The company considers the key benefits of the Growcoon to be greater efficiency and simplicity of the process.
"In the tree nursery sector, there is increasing demand for just-in-time delivery. The Growcoon helps us to capitalise on this." - Tobias Rötjes | Owner
About Rötjes Young Plants
Rötjes Young Plants is located in Lottem. It is a leading supplier of raw material in the tree nursery sector. The core business is rooting shoots of ornamental shrubs, groundcover shrubs and roses. All with the main focus being on top quality and the requirements of the client. Rötjes Young Plants creates some 25,000,000 rooted shoots annually, mainly Hebe, Rosa, Vinca, ornamental shrubs and groundcover shrubs. Customers include nurseries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Denmark and various other European countries.
The main benefit for Esperit Young Plants is that the Growcoon enables Rötjes to deliver custom products to its customers faster.

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