Young Sun Taiwan

Young Sun is an innovative Taiwanese grower that is one of the first Asian companies to structurally apply the Growcoon in its cultivation process. Young Sun is a grower specialised in the cultivation of annuals , perennials, vegetables, and tropical flowers. The company works by means of seed and tissue techniques. They describe the main benefit of the Growcoon to be the support which the Growcoon provides for young plants. This guarantees the quality of the end products during the growth process and transport.
"Growcoon can reduce the usage of plastic plug trays, increase productivity and boost operations for our greenhouse activities." - Mr. Yang | Cultivation technique
Young Sun is located in Puli in central Taiwan, and is specialised in the production of quality shoot material. As of 2011, Young Sun has collaborated closely with Nation Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. The company has also begun developing its own crops. Employing 40 people, they nowadays produce 30 million seedlings and 230 thousand potted plants per year. The Young Sun basis lies in new crops and high production quality, and the enterprise has a good reputation among its customers. Intensive cooperation with these customers is another important objective of Young Sun.

Market developments
Young Sun believes the most important market development to be the increasing demand for new species, as well as for top quality products. Young Sun is successful in both aspects due to an efficient and controlled production process. Another important market development concerns sustainability. This allows companies to create trust among their customers, and it is therefore becoming an investment priority for an increasing number of companies. Young Sun has reacted to both developments by applying the Growcoon.

Acquaintance with Growcoon
Young Sun was introduced via the local Klasmann-Deilmann agent: Touch Max Co., Ltd. Young Sun had discovered the product at the IPM in Essen in 2013, and was immediately convinced that this would be a revolutionary product in the market for young plants. All the more because the Growcoon would help guarantee plant quality during the growth process and transport. This was the main reason for the switch to the Growcoon. 

But what exactly does it deliver in concrete terms?
In practice, Young Sun is aware that since using the Growcoon, plant quality and stability has improved when compared with the period when Jiffy Pots were used. The Growcoon results in a more effective micro climate, due to it fitting the tray so well and the lack of air between the plug and the tray wall. The failure rate of seedlings has also been greatly reduced, and delivery times to customers have been cut by weeks.

The future
Young Sun foresees an extremely successful future for the Growcoon within the company. As most of the trays are square in Asia, the company hopes that the shape can be more effectively geared to the Asian trays in the future.