10 standard sizes as a starting point

Growcoon development is based on the vision for making things easier in the early cultivation phase. And this vision is clearly reflected in our range of Growcoon products. Although there are many different trays in circulation, we choose to apply a number of standard sizes. And that means you'll find the order process to be very simple.

We are of course also happy to accommodate specific wishes with regards to alternative dimensions. The Growcoon is thus also available as standard+ or as special. Our tray calculator [hyperlink] helps you identify quickly which Growcoon is right for you.

Growcoon standard
The Growcoon is supplied as standard in different plug sizes. You can always order these standard sizes directly from stock. Standard sizes are always available from stock. Minimum order quantity: 1 box. Do you want to try the standard-size Growcoon for free? Then order a trial box, including tray, completely free of charge.  

Growcoon standard+
In addition to the standard sizes, the Growcoon can also be supplied as standard+. In technical terms, it is possible to supply standard Growcoon plugs with a different height measurement. This gives us a huge degree of flexibility in the sizes we deliver, so the Growcoon is also suitable for many other tray types. The standard+ sizes are produced in consultation with you. Drop us a line if you'd like an indication of the delivery times. Bear in mind that the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. (About ... pieces.) Unfortunately, it is not possible to order trial boxes of Growcoons standard+ due to the divergent sizes.

Growcoon special
Growcoons of the type special are produced to order as per your specifications. Here too there are divergent delivery times and minimum order quantities. Contact us if you want to know more about this. Unfortunately, due to the client-specific dimensions, it is not possible to order trial boxes of Growcoons special.

The benefit of ordering Growcoons on a contract basis
We are keen to work with you on the basis of contracts. These contracts (1, 2 or 3 years) establish:
  • the quantity of plugs and the delivery intervals
  • the terms and conditions

You are of course not obliged to enter a contract. However, a contract does offer you some major benefits:
  • in pricing terms, as we are then certain of larger volumes and offer a quantity discount
  • in production terms, as we as producer then coordinate our production processes to your delivery intervals and thus always deliver on time

Want to know more about contracts? Then contact us entirely obligation-free.