The Growcoon. The binding factor for root and root ball

The function of a growth- and seedplug is to bind the root ball. For automated processes, that binding is essential. Which is why we developed the Growcoon. This is also precisely the area in which the Growcoon distinguishes itself from other plugs.

When re-potting shoots, there is a distinct possibility that the root ball will fall apart. Machines and the surroundings can become contaminated, and the plant and its root system may be damaged. When using a Growcoon, you can be sure that the root ball stays intact. And that your plant can thus develop optimally.
Save time with the Growcoon
Do you cultivate a crop that struggles to root, such as succulents? The growth of poorly rooting crops depends strongly on the composition and structures of the substrate. Using the Growcoon in these forms of cultivation specifically can save a lot of time.
And you can continue to use your own substrate. The result is not only that your plant develops in a natural way, but you also benefit from a time saving of up to five weeks when potting up young plants!