The Growcoon. The biodegradable growth- and seedplug

Uniquely, the Growcoon is completely biodegradable. Once in contact with substrate, micro-organisms, such as bacteria and moulds, gradually break the product down. The speed of this decomposition process is influenced by the temperature, humidity and the pH value of the substrate.
During the disintegration process, the Growcoon is converted into CO2 and H2O.
The moment at which disintegration of the Growcoon becomes visible differs. The visual decomposition depends to a large degree on the environment in which the Growcoon is used.
How long does the disintegration process take?
It's important to distinguish between disintegration and shelf-life. With the Growcoon we use three distinct terms:
  • Visual decomposition: the point at which degradation of the Growcoon becomes visible
  • Functional shelf-life: the period in which you can (automatically) process the Growcoon, while ensuring its quality
  • Disintegration period: the time it takes the Growcoon to disintegrate to the point at which the product no longer has any structure
We cannot tell exactly how long a Growcoon's shelf-life is. Factors such as temperature, humidity and pH value of the substrate all affect shelf-life. Hundreds of practical trials have now provided us with a clearer picture of the Growcoon’s shelf-life. Are you interested in the results of these trials? Then contact us.