The Growcoon. The growth- and seedplug with the perfect micro-climate

The Growcoon creates the ideal micro-climate for your plants. Three factors determine the micro-climate:
  • A proper fit in the tray with space for an oxygen buffer
  • The open nest structure of the Growcoon
  • The possibility to fill the Growcoon with any desired substrate
The Growcoon is developed with the plant's requirements to the fore. The biodegradable growth- and seedplug has all the properties of a traditional plug, but promotes optimal growth.
The perfect fit 
A crop can only grow properly if roots and hair roots are given maximum room to develop. The perfect fit of the Growcoon stimulates that development. Its unique conic fit means the Growcoon fits perfectly in the tray. This allows you to use enough substrate in the Growcoon.
And the substrate won’t dry out in the bottom of the tray. The Growcoon actually creates a seal at the top of the tray, preventing drying out. At the bottom, it creates an oxygen buffer between the Growcoon and the tray wall. This buffer gives the plant all the room it needs to root in the Growcoon.
Open net structure
The first thing that people notice about the Growcoon is its open net structure. This has two key functions:
  • The Growcoon wall keeps the substrate in place, creating a compact root ball
  • The open structure does not restrict the further growth of the roots
In other plugs, the roots first grow downwards, resulting in a confusion of roots at the bottom. In the Growcoon, the plant shoots its roots outwards at the top of the plug. This means plants grow better and can be potted out or delivered earlier.
Filling with your own substrate
It's the substrate in particular that determines how fast your plant grows. Once in the tray, you can fill the Growcoon with any type of substrate. So your are not stuck with the substrate that is supplied with other plugs. Filling the Growcoon with your own substrate means every crop gets the chance to grow in ideal conditions.
Furthermore, you can fill the Growcoon loosely so the substrate is not compressed. This results in a structure with sufficient room for growth. Not only can the roots develop freely but it also works more efficiently. And a looser structure makes it easier for your workers to plant shoots in the substrate.