The Growcoon. The growth- and seedplug with tray-specific fit

There is a Growcoon to fit every type of cultivation system. After all, one of the Growcoon's unique properties is that it can be produced in any 3D shape you require. Its unique fit means the Growcoon fits perfectly in every tray.
Why is fit important?
The development of roots and hair roots determine the growth of a crop. The fit of a Growcoon makes an optimum contribution to this. The fit is conical, so the Growcoon fits perfectly in the tray. This means you can use enough substrate in the Growcoon.
Another advantage is the close fit at the top of the tray. This prevents the substrate drying out in the bottom of the tray. Between the Growcoon and the tray wall, an oxygen buffer remains at the bottom. This buffer gives the plant all the room it needs to root in the Growcoon.
Standard sizes of the Growcoon
There are always 10 different sizes available as standard. Because we always have these sizes in stock, you are assured of rapid delivery at a low price. This also gives you greater clarity in the very wide range of tray sizes. For specific cases, or for new cultivation systems, custom products are available. Enquire about the options.
We are continually monitoring whether the current standard sizes still reflect your requirements and the different segments in which the Growcoon is used.