About Biobased Products

Maan BioBased Products develops technical innovations for professional horticulture. The basic principle in our development is to ensure the processes in the market and at individual companies run more efficiently and better. The Netherlands is the driving force behind the worldwide innovation in agriculture and horticulture. Maan BioBased Products aims to play a key role in this.

The horticulture market is an internationally appealing market. One with a strong passion for enterprise and for crops. Maan BioBased Products aims to help businesses make their processes more efficient by developing innovative products, of which the Growcoon is the first example. What's more, Maan BioBased Products aims to simplify the processes in the horticulture market.
Our priorities
Working using standard sizes
The horticulture market is characterised by plant trays in countless different sizes. In some cases, the trays have an added value. However, in practical and economic terms, it is smarter to reduce the number of different products. Which is why Maan BioBased Products supplies the Growcoon in 10 standardised sizes, paired with dozens of existing plant trays. In specific situations, we also develop custom Growcoons.
Transparency in terms of distribution channels
Supplies in the horticulture market are very wide ranging and can sometimes cause confusion as a result. Not only for you as a grower, but manufacturers and suppliers also struggle with this. Which is why we have opted for a single sales channel for the distribution of the Growcoon. The exclusive distribution channel is in the hands of Klasmann-Deilmann. But it is also possible to order direct from Maan.
Transparent prices
Many different prices are applied in the horticulture market. And these are in turn also linked to a wide range of distribution channels. Would it not be easier if prices were more transparent? And that's why we apply a standard price to each Growcoon, for clients of both Maan BioBased Products and Klasmann-Deilmann. Are you ordering in large volumes? You can then take advantage of a very attractive (standard) discount, based on a fixed sliding price and volume scale.
Efficiency through automated order and planning systems
We want to make it as easy as possible to use the Growcoon. And that starts with the ordering process. The Growcoon is ordered online, at the point that is most convenient to you. But our service covers an annual order schedule, too.
Maan BioBased Products is one of the divisions within the family firm Maan Group. The Group has been operating worldwide for 20 years already, developing technical innovations in the field of adhesive technology. In 2015, Maan BioBased Products was founded by André Jansen. This company has access to all the technical know-how, innovative power and experience in worldwide industries that the Group possesses. And that means Maan BioBased Products is an innovative specialist in the agrarian sector.
In 2010, André Jansen begins developing a biodegradable plug, based on a request from a contact in the agricultural sector. As an innovator from a young age, he comes up with a revolutionary concept: the Growcoon. A plant plug, based on Maan Group's existing adhesive technology. It takes a full five years to optimise the concept. During that time, the focus is on aspects like reproducibility, quality and raw materials. In 2015, the decision is made to bring further development, production and distribution under the wing of a new division: Maan BioBased Products.
The Growcoon
This makes the Growcoon the first product that Maan BioBased Products is bringing to market. It is a biodegradable seed and shoot plug for the worldwide agricultural and horticultural sectors. The Growcoon sets itself apart from the existing cultivation systems in terms of technique, handling, environment and transport.
Maan BioBased Products has its own production facilities in Raalte. And there is space in Raalte too for in-house R&D facilities. Maan BioBased Products is currently working on setting up its own living lab.
In commercial terms, Maan BioBased works very closely with Klasmann-Deilmann, an internationally renowned supplier of substrates and raw materials for agriculture and horticulture. Klasmann-Deilmann's commercial experience and clout are giving the Growcoon a flying start in the market.
Ambition of Maan BioBased Products
Maan BioBased Products has the ambition of bringing a new innovative product to market every two years in the agricultural and horticultural sectors.